Pondy Sustainable shopping tour


Get two mangoes with one stone with our Pondy shopping tour: shop consciously with us while saving time and money! Make the most of your visit in Pondicherry in just 2 hours of shopping time.


Sustainable Shopping tour

Pondicherry is a lovely city which is easy to wander around. Yet we know that it could be tiring to walk under the heat, especially when we want to make the most of our stay and spend even the hottest hours outside.

Moreover, Pondicherry is home to plenty of shops and boutiques which are packed with souvenir’s items to shop for. Unfortunately, no one can visit all.

No worries we have the solution! We are going to help you not to miss anything and aim at the perfect spots for your shopping needs.

Experience Pondicherry with a local

Lakshmi from Sita cultural Center spent a lot of time checking about the new shops’ openings, talking to shop owners about unique and original souvenirs products consignment, noting down about shop keepers’ goodwill, …

She keeps up to date about the best places to discover, which items travelers want at all costs. With her long experience in the tourism and culture industry, she knows what kind of products people will love and which ones are the most iconic about Pondicherry for all budgets.

Support local and eco-friendly boutiques

At Sita cultural center, we value sustainability and we favor our fellow local shop keepers and artisans. We thrive for our Made In Pondy tag and our first choices will always go for eco-friendly, organic products. We attach a lot of importance to people who make the effort of providing quality products and service over quantity.

Moreover, we want to promote what makes Pondicherry unique and this comes from its people, its shop keepers, its artisans and artists and that is why we want you to discover and shop from them and not a shop brand you can find everywhere. We value humanity over profit so if you feel the same, go for it and join our Pondicherry shopping tour.

What will you do?

You will meet and gather at Sita cultural center where Lakshmi will introduce herself and the tour. Even though we have a set option of shops we truly love, she can adjust and adapt the tour according to your preference so do inform her about any items or products you might want to get hold of.

Then, with a safe and tidy auto rickshaw, she will go along with you along Pondicherry’s quiet French quarter’s lanes as well as bustling shopping avenues.

You will usually stop in 2 to 4 shops and boutiques according to your requests as well as the time you will spend in. Always Lakshmi will inform you about the place, the iconic products they sell and the most interesting sales they have at the moment.

You will finally reach back to Sita cultural center to enjoy a moment of rest.

Things to know

We start and end our tour directly at Sita cultural center.

This tour is made for adults and would be too tiring for children.

This activity is made for small groups as we want you to have a unique and personalized experience.

What is included

  • The trip in auto rickshaw
  • water bottle and snack during the tour

What to bring

  • comfortable clothes
  • caps, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • your camera
  • your purse to shop as much as you want!


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