Silk thread earrings craft workshop


Silk Jimikki   are recent creations that infuse the traditional jewellery with the contemporary techniques. The perk of these techniques is, it’s so simple yet the result is grandeur. Discover this ageless design of earrings that have been in vogue since years. So Learn, create and unleash your inner artist with SITA.


A handcrafted, colorful, timeless and unique jewel

Jewellery, what do we think of it as? Maybe a beauty embellishment, an aura of wealth, or a fashion statement? But sometimes ornaments have more meaning to it. It’s a symbolism in most of the cultures. A ring represents a marital status, the crown, a social status and an armlet represents another. What does a Jimikki represent? Oh, wait. In the first place, what does a Jimikki mean?

A Regalia that is for everyone

Indian gold jewellery trousseau is incomplete without this exquisite piece of ornament. They are striking and exotic large size chandelier earrings in circular or conical dome/bell shape. They are made up of gold, silver, pearl, oxidized or any metal. But can you imagine Jimikkis could be made from silk ?

Silk to create beautiful jimikkis

If you want a fabric which is lustrous and beautiful, made with very strong fibres, available in almost all the vibrant colours you can imagine and is as soft as any fabric in the world and to cap it all, is naturally made, biodegradable and environment friendly- would I call you greedy? Never. You are only asking for Silk, the Queen of all fabrics. Now you could imagine how gorgeous the piece of jewellery you would be taking home with the shimmering fibre. The way of extracting silk from silkworm is itself a fascinating process.

 What will you do?

At SITA, you learn about Jimikki, how they are made with Silk threads and the best part is you get to take home your own hand made pair of bright colored Jimikkis.

Things to know

Classes are in English or Tamil and last 2 hours.

 This workshop is   for adults and children over the age of 8.

What is included

  • all the material needed for the craft session
  • an e-booklet will be sent afterwards

What to bring

  •  your camera



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