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Sita Cultural center is made by its people! Since its inception in 2012, a core group is present and many more great additions have been welcomed. We are a multicultural, multifaceted and mutlilingual  group of Pondicherrians who are proud to promote our city and the arts and culture around it. Be part of our large family!

Arts and Culture as a way of life

The Partners

Fleur Soumer

Managing Partner
Fleur opened SITA cultural center in 2012 with the aim of creating a place for people to experience various facets of Indian arts and get introduce to a true French culture in Pondicherry. Being multipotential, her creativity has no limit and she impulses positive energy to the team that she leads like her family. She doesn’t hesitate to roll up her sleeves and pitch in to organize classes and workshops as she loves being in contact with the public.

Ajith Muthu

Managing Partner
Ajith is the head behind all admin and logistic missions. Being a techie, he is always ahead of the game and comes up with 1000 ideas at a time to enhance and improve SITA cultural center. After many years handling Absara voyages, he has a true understanding on how to provide top-quality services to our clients and collaborators.

Vinna Vienne

Managing Partner
Vinna perfectly embodies the essence of Pondicherry cultural heritage. Her dual citizenship is a cultural wealth that she treasures and enjoys to share with her clients from SITA cultural center and Absara voyages. Vinna holds a master in History in Indian civilization and French-Indian relations. She has a sharp look and nothing escapes her attention so to enable our guests to enjoy the best ever experiences and to keep our center a piece of heaven.

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Our team


Cooking teacher
We don't know which styles of cuisine Shafaya masters the best. She cooks so delightful Kerala meals as well as Kashmiri treats. In short, she can make you travel all around India on your plate. She is as well very informative and is no shy to give you all tips and hints to master Indian cuisine.


Cooking teacher & cycle tour guide
Manisha is a fabulous expert in Indian and French cookings. Her classes are always informative, educational and entertaining. Not to mention she is our warm hearted, friendly and knowledgeable cycle tour guide. You will know Pondicherry from inside and out thanks to her.


Yoga and wellness teacher
Sumesh is always very attentive to individual needs and is genuinely concerned that you’re having the best Yoga and Massage experiences ever. His deep knowledge both in Ayurveda therapies as well as Sivananda yoga made him a real all-rounder.


Lakshmi and her smile welcome you at Sita cultural center. She is our bubbly and enthusiastic receptionnist, always helpful in scheduling and organising activities for you and eager to share little pieces of knowledge about Pondicherry. She is as well a wonderful cook and a knowledgeable teacher.


Ballet & wellness teacher
Well being and physical activities have always been crucial for Fleur. Being multipotential, it gives her the mind and body balance she is looking for and that she is promoting to all her students. Giving guests the power to engage into a healthier and better lifestyle is her motto!


Art and Craft teacher
Sridevi has nimbled fingers! She is super talented and can make pieces of art out of little scraps. She is as much a good instructor as she has crafting skills. All enjoy her classes as she gives individual care to each student.


Mehendi teacher
Urmila is so passionate about her culture! Through mehendi henna design or dance class, she will always take the time to introduce you to the beauty of India. She is a lovely soul and a fantastice teacher.


Dance teacher
Ganesh is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher. Having trained in multiple dance styles, he will always adjust his class with your level, tastes and expectations. From all ages, you will enjoy his enthusiast and his energy.


Cycle tour guide
As a graphic designer and an modern art lover, Jubie is proud to show his city's new facelift. having traveled abroad many times, he has a great knowledge in the worldwide Street Art scene and being a 'Pondicherrian', he knows it like the back of his hands and found little gems of Street Art for us.


Silambam martial art teacher
We are so proud to have Palanivel sir joining the Sita team! He is such a master in its art and a model for all of us in terms of discipline, focus and passion! Be it with children or adults, beginners or professionnal, he will always adapt his teaching methods and adjust to individual needs.


House keeper
Martine is like a little butterfly flickering around the house with her smile to make Sita cultural center as much neat, clean and welcoming as possible. She keeps a watchful eye on the proper condition of our spaces and enjoys creating beautiful Kolam patterns everyday at our doorsteps to welcome the guests.


The green fingers of Sathyamoorthy bring to life Sita cultural center's garden and rooftop. For us, it means a lot to keep a green haven of peace in the city and Sathyamoorthy is the best to maintain it and make the guests relax and unwind in our center.

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