Bollywood dance class


Our Bollywood dance class is a perfect moment to share with your friends and family! Enjoy a special bounding time with mother and daughter or a fun one with all your friends and relatives, all are welcome.

You can even make ready a little choreo to present back home or for a special event such as a wedding, we will customize it for you!


Bollywood class, The Indian glamour!

In India, Bollywood, is the given name to the Hindi film industry coming from Bombay/Mumbai, hence the “B”. Movies are a masala of many arts like music, dances and songs! Dance and music parts give its distinctive rhythm to the movies and tell the stories especially the love parts with the hero and heroine. Glamorous clothes and jewellery are on the stage!

Bollywood dance is a fusion between many Indian dances.

We can find classical dances such as Barata Natyam and Odissi, as well as folkloric dances like  Bangra or Punjabi and Bengali styles. Bollywood dance also takes inspiration from Western dances such as salsa and belly dancing.

Bollywood dance are really appreciated all over India; so come and have a try at Sita Cultural center! Indians escape their cares and dream by watching Bollywood movies so why not do the same and have fun an with a Bollywood dance class?

What will you do?

Bollywood dance allows combining a dance class with a cardio fitness work out. Indeed, choreographies alternates between emotional dance parts where the dance expresses a wide array of emotions, where face and hand gestures reveal and tell the story and some more physical parts were stamina and rhythm are in the air.

The entire body will be solicited during a dance class, from the feet to the facial expressions which express all the feelings of the dancer. Choreographies make a big use of arms and legs works. Dexterity, ability and rhythm skills will be the key to keep up with the often fast-paced steps.

But do not worry, our classes are adapted to all levels and dance parts will be chosen according to the participants be it full beginners and good proficient ones. From a speedy and tonic part to a more smooth and languorous one, Bollywood dance uses the entire Rainbow palette in term of movements, body and face expressions, we told you no ? A full Masala !

Things to know

We have a regular weekly dance schedule and travellers can come and fit in. Then we can off course, propose private group or individual classes to adjust to stay dates and times.

This workshop is open for adults and teenagers; we can still welcome kids above 8 years old.

What is included

  • Dance session
  •  some costumes to enjoy a full Bollywood experience

What to bring

  • comfortable clothes
  • your camera
  • water bottle



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