Kolam workshop


You have already seen Kolam or Rangoli all around in Indian streets. What about practicing this daily traditional art form by yourself and dive into Tamil culture and Indian women best kept secrets?


Kōlam, also known as Rangoli in northern India, is Tamil women’s ritualistic art form created throughout Tamil Nadu.

The word kōlam means ‘form and beauty’. A symbol of auspiciousness and divinity, kōlam is made with finely ground rice powder /paste (called kola-podi in Tamil) on carefully swept grounds (revered as Mother Earth). Every morning and every evening, women draw new ephemeral designs which protect homes. With this tradition, the streets of Pondicherry are always colorful and even more during religious or family ceremonies.

Kolam provides protection and prosperity inside homes

This daily practice welcomes the visitors as well as all Gods. It brings harmony and prosperity to the house and whoever coming in.

Moreover, this is a special time that the women of the household take for themselves to focus and meditate, a kind of artistic and spiritual yoga to start the day in an auspicious way.

An art form combining Mathematics and Spirituality

The main patterns of lines and curves are based on a grid of dots that are joined using straight or curved lines.

The process involves concentration, memory and a series of disciplined hand and body movements. The knowledge of Kōlam patterns is transferred orally through generations amongst women as they learn by observing this ritual daily.

 What will you do?

Lakshmi will first introduce you to the history behind Kolam and how she practices it as a daily routine. She will then guide you on a step by step practice to create some of the famous patterns used traditionaly such as the dot design.

You will use traditional white powder as well as colorful ones that we usually use for festivals.

Things to know

Classes are in English or Tamil and last 2 hours.

 This workshop is   for adults and children above 6 years old

What is included

  • all the material needed for the craft session
  • an e-booklet will be sent afterwards

What to bring

your camera


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