Creole Cooking class


Dive into the true French-indian traditions and learn all the cooking secrets of the Creole families from Pondicherry. Get to know the recipes that you will never found in restaurants, that creatively mix French knowledge, Indian spices and a slight touch of South Asian flavours. This unique 3h session will make you get the most of your stay in Pondicherry.


Pondicherry Creole cuisine

French cuisine requires every component to be cooked, served, and savoured individually, Indian cuisine is famous for its mix-cook-serve approach. When the two cooking techniques were merged by Indian cooks, the result was a unique blend of cuisines, where local ingredients were adapted to French, and western cooking techniques — characterized by creamy sauces, the restrained use of spices, and new techniques such as baking, grilling, frying, poaching, steaming and roasting. With the passage of time, Creole food today is more Indian than its overseas counterparts but still unique in flavors.

What will you cook?

For us at SITA, Creole cooking is very much part of Pondicherry heritage as it is a proof of its cultural diversity and rich history, and therefore, it is our endeavor to keep it alive and thriving in SITA kitchen. Our Creole cooking class takes you through this journey of amalgamated Pondicherry cuisine as you learn to create Pondicherry creole dishes and witness the union of cultures and flavours!

Some of the dishes popular among our guests include:

  • Kavaap chops (fried mutton chops),
  • Urundai kari kozhumbu (mutton balls in gravy),
  • Rava cake (Christmass semolina cake).

Things to know

This cooking class is non vegetarian obviously.

Kindly inform us about any food allergy.

What is included

  • all the ingredients and material needed for the cooking session
  • an e-booklet will be sent afterwards

What to bring

  • comfortable clothes
  • your camera



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