Baking cooking class


Unveil the secrets behind fluffy cupcakes, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cake or crispy and chewy cookies during our practical baking and pastry workshop.

Get to learn our signature Baking goodies from decadent chocolate cake to healthy French pies and conquere your oven in the kitchen!


Baking-The ‘other’ way of cooking

Baking cakes and yeast bread isn’t really part of India’s culture. The notion came along with the British, and most Indians will buy bread and cakes from a store rather than bake it themselves at home. However, Pondicherry, with its colonial past, isn’t new to baking. With quite a few patisseries offering croissants, baguettes, and even brioches, and many foreigners calling Pondicherry home, baking is rather common in Pondicherry kitchens.

If you want to not just taste French patisserie, but also learn how to bake them, then our baking classes are for you! Manisha, our baking instructor at SITA, is passionate about baking and has been taking baking classes at SITA since 2015. Being a mother, she is equally passionate about including healthy ingredients like whole vegetables, whole grains, and substitutes for butter and sugar to make her bakes healthier!

Feel free to ask for healthier bake options and she will be happy to teach you some of her signature bakes that don’t compromise on taste or texture! We also organize baking classes for children to let them have all the fun with cookies and muffins, and cupcakes! We may also undertake cake decoration classes for the beginners’ level depending on the number of participants and the availability of the baking instructor.

What will you cook?

Some of our instructor popular baking classes include:

  • bread-baking workshops,
  • Christmas cake workshop,
  • Brownies and blondies
  • pies and tarts classes: French tomato tart, chocolate pie
  •   and a lot more!

Things to know

Baking and pastry workshop require eggs and dairies; inform us if you want a complete Vegan baking class.

Kindly inform us about any food allergy.

Classes are for adults and teenagers only.

The workshop is taught in English.

The recipes are provided as an e-booklet.

What is included

  • all the ingredients and material needed for the cooking session
  • an e-booklet will be sent afterwards

What to bring

  • comfortable clothes
  • your camera
  • few boxes to bring back your baked goods



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