Indian cooking class


Take a complete hands-on class to delve into the art of Indian cooking and master the use of spices! With the advices of Manisha, walk in the market and then prepare and cook around 4 recipes of your choice to relish on one of your most memorable meal in Pondicherry or even in India!



Learn how to cook traditional South  or North Indian meals

The class begins with a trip to local vegetable market with our professional instructors. It is an experience in itself as Indian markets are a place buzzing with people, enthusiastic vendors shouting to attract your attention, colors and flavors of everything raw, fresh, and waiting to be picked! Indian markets or bazaars are a place none like in West and our teacher will take you on a mini-tour of the market, showing and explaining spices and ingredients you may find exotic and buying fresh products all along! Once back at SITA, she will teach you how to cook the Indian way, in a step-by-step manner.

You will be involved in every step, right from chopping vegetables to grating coconut and learn everything hands-on! The classes are always vibrant as teachers encourages discussion about food so feel free to ask questions about ingredients, steps or  possible varieties, or anything that comes to your mind and our teachers will explain everything in detail! The class culminates by you enjoying your meal in SITA garden among laughter and new friendships.

What will you cook?

Our menu is replete with traditional recipes from all over India and based on local tastes, ingredients, and flavors. You can choose from vegetarian, non-vegetarian, south Indian, north Indian, and even vegan cuisine!

Some of the recipes popular among our guests include:

  • meen kozhumbhu typical from Pondicherry,
  • sambar an all time favorite lentils and vegetables gravy,
  • carrot halwa for the sweet tooth,
  • palak paneer for those of you who would like taste northern flavours,
  •  chicken chettinad to name a few!

Things to know

You can choose to join a class in the morning to enjoy your home-made lunch ; otherwise come for an afternoon session and get an early dinner.

This workshop can be organized for a single individual or you can be part of a small group (2 to 10 participants).

Kids above 6 years are welcome as well.

The session of the morning can be taught both in English and in French.

Please mention if you would like to learn vegetarian or non vegetarian dishes or if you are allergic to some food items.

What is included

  • all the ingredients and material needed for the cooking session
  • transport and visit to the market with autorickshaws
  • an e-booklet will be sent afterwards

What to bring

  • comfortable clothes
  • your camera



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