Flowers garlands workshop


At SITA, we patronize all traditional art forms and we welcome you to learn this traditional art of weaving flowers into beautiful garlands in our garland making workshop.


An ornament with a thousand scents

Garland is a band or chain of flowers and foliage that may be joined at the ends to form a circle. Garlands have been a part of religious ritual and tradition from ancient times.

Garlands used by women as hair adornments are known as gajrai and fragrant flowers like the jasmine are the most preferred as hair adornments. Indian weddings see a rich display of garlands of many flowers, and exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom marks the beginning of wedding festivities!

Ephemeral accessories

The teacher will explain the structure of flowers and right techniques to weave them into garlands. Although we use crepe flowers at the beginning of the workshop, the techniques remain the same when you will practice later using the fresh flowers. Once you learn the technique of garland weaving, you will be able to make a flower wreath to adorn your head, or even floral jewellery like bracelets and necklaces. You can also make multiple garlands and twine them differently to make decorations for your doors, windows and homes. As many of our students in the past have confirmed, garland weaving is spiritual and therapeutic. Come and experience garland making at our workshop and take a little bit of India back home.

What will you do?

After a short intro for you to learn about the different uses of flowers garlands and the types of flowers used, you will get your hands dirty in flowers and practice!

First with crepe paper to make it easy then you will have a try with real buds to gain more dexterity.

Things to know

Classes are in English or Tamil and last 1.5hours

 This workshop is  for adults and children over the age of 8.

What is included

  • all the material needed for the craft session
  • an e-booklet will be sent afterwards

What to bring

your camera


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